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Our Story

Think about when you eat popcorn, who is with you? Most of the time it’s family and people you love. It’s what popcorn does, it brings people together, especially family.

“What could we do to take something so family oriented, bring in extra layers of deliciousness, and create something so new and cool the whole family would enjoy?” That’s the thought Founder Antonio Spano (who has a great passion for his family and all kinds of popcorn) had in 2015. “What could we do with popcorn that hasn’t been done yet?” When his wife and Co-Founder Stacey Spano shouted, “well I love Resee’s Pieces with my popcorn,” the idea just clicked: Popcorn Trail Mixes!

Now that they had an idea, the next step is to figure out the concept on how they’re going to launch it; it has to be done right. Do they open a store front, try to blow up the internet, or take another approach? After the founders completed extensive research and analysis about the industry, market, demand and customers using skills learned during their MBA and professional careers as Business Intelligence Analysts, the final product and concept was born; A live popping Kettle Corn vendor where guests can create their own Popcorn Trail Mixes, in a made to order setting! They coined the whole idea as “The Kettle Corn Revolution”

The very next day, the Spano’s introduced the idea and concept to the world by launching their project on KickStarter. 30 days later it was 112% successfully funded, and the Spano’s embarked on their journey to introduce this brand new concept to the world.

The Spano’s custom-built their own kettle popper, sifting table, and trailer in their garage and purchased the remaining equipment needed to set up tents at local fairs and events.

From there the Spano’s created a vision, focused on brand recognition and vendor appearance. This is when Poppin’ & Mixin’ Kettle Corn got its name, logo, and motto “Kettle Corn with Personality.” After these were set, the company’s culture and innovation started to take form; and the ball just kept rolling into what we have today!

We are a true built-in-the-garage local popcorn company who takes great pride in bringing popcorn, deliciousness, and family all together.

Homemade Kettle Corn Machine
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