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To The Popcorn Revolution

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Friends don't let friends eat boring popcorn

And we agree! Popcorn doesn't have to be boring. That's why we've set out to revolutionize the popcorn industry with our cool + unique popcorn recipes and "mix-in" concept you can't find anywhere else!

Intrigued? Keep scrolling, and don't be like these guys!

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Friends don't let friends eat boring popcorn

And we agree! Popcorn doesn't have to be boring. That's why Poppin' & Mixin' set out to revolutionize the popcorn industry with our cool + unique popcorn recipes and "mix-in" concept you can't find anywhere else!

Then keep scrolling on, and don't be like these guys!

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"Bringing Deliciousness Together"

Shake off those boring yawns, and get ready for the Popcorn Revolution! These are our flagship products.


Popcorn Trail Mixes

If you can dream it, we can build it. Choose from over 2,000,000 combinations of flavors and candies, nuts, and snacks. You control your own popcorn destiny.

Game Changer!

Popcorn Sundae1.jpg

Popcorn Sundaes

Popcorn and Ice Cream are America's two most popular snacks. Mix them them together and, well, you catch our drift.

Show Stopper!


Cotton Candy Pop-ritos

Now take Popcorn, Ice Cream, and all the mix-in's you want, and roll it into a fluffy bed of cotton candy. Dangggggg! 

Slam  Dunk!


75 Popcorn Flavors!

We've been perfecting our craft for over a decade to bring you the most robust flavor-line in the industry.  


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"Bringing Sweetness Together"

Sweetness, delivered!


Official Popcorn Supplier of

Send a popcorn gift to your friend, colleague, or loved one through email or text and they will receive popcorn directly from us!

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"Bringing Streets Together"

In Metro Detroit, you can catch us at every road, turn, and Corn-er

Official Popcorn Vendor at the
Detroit Zoo

In addition to being at Metro Detroit's biggest festivals year-round, you can catch us at the Detroit Zoo every weekend from October - December for Zoo Boo and Wild Lights! 

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And the Revolution corn-tinues

Our flagship products and "mix-in" concept helped us gain quick traction in the Popcorn industry, and since 2016, we've been building a mini-empire out of Metro Detroit. Check out all the products and services we offer.

Over 75 Flavors!

Choose from Traditional, Signature, or Gourmet popcorn, or create your own custom mix.

Slush Puppies!

Always cold, always ready. Mix as many flavors as you want, or mix it with soft serve for a Slushy Float.

Corp./Private Events

We'll come to you in our fancy food truck, pop a bunch of corn, and slang it out to your guests.

House-made Fudge!

We have 20ish flavors, all made in-house. And duh, of course our fudge has"mix-ins" inside it.

Party Favors

Weddings, birthdays, graduations, whatever. We can customize favors and labels to fit any theme.

Fairs & Festivals

Want our food truck at your next festival or event? Just say the world, and we'll be there.

Cotton Candy!

Hand-spun right in front of you. Any flavor combination you desire. Add any "mix-ins" you want to your tub.

Gift Baskets

Custom gift baskets for any occasion. You tell us what you want, and we make it happen.


We offer an all-virtual fundraising program to help you raise some serious dough. Keep up to 50%!

Soft Serve

Speciality soft serve with all the toppins' and mixins' you want. You control your sugar intake.

Corporate Gifts

Need gifts for your clients? Or how about some employee appreciation? 

We got your back.


Want to sell our products at your retail location? We are a licensed wholesaler ready to push inventory.

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The Proof is in the popcorn

We don't like to brag, so we'll just let the facts do all the talking for us.

As seen in...

Poppin' & Mixin' Fox 2 News
Popcorn Fall
"Pioneering a new way to eat popcorn."


Bags of popcorn bought by Detroiters.


Video views on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.



Rating on Google



customers and subscribers.


Average annual growth rate since launch in 2016.


Still the average price for a bag of our popcorn

"Bringing Customers Together"

We love our customers more than they love us!

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"Bringing Families Together"

Family is at the root of our story and culture, and nothing brings families together more than popcorn.


Family Owned
We incorporate a personal and family touch to every single bag of popcorn we hand-make, bag, and seal. Made with love, warmth, and your family in mind.


Family Driven
 Everything we do always has you and your family at top of mind. From new products and services to events and gatherings, we make everybody we serve feel like they are part of the
Poppin' & Mixin' family.

Family Inspired
When you eat popcorn, think about who you're with. It's always your family and loved ones. That togetherness is what inspired our company, our culture, and our "Bringing Deliciousness Together" concept.
Read our full
story here.

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Fully Customizable

When your needs go beyond just a quick snack, we have all the options you need to make your party/event a memoriable one.

Weddings, schools, teams, companies, birthday parties, showers, graduations, special events; what do they all have in common?

They all have unique colors. And so do we.

Have a combination of flavors you want concocted? Hank wants Strawberry Banana. Cheryl wants Buffalo Wings and Ranch.

What do you want?

We can do it.

Just like Goldilocks, you'll be looking for the right size that suits your personal needs. Consider our size options the 3 Bears.

We have what's "just right" for you.

Your brand; your logo; your colors; your headshot; your info; your special message; your theme; your background; equals...

Your label; customized your way.

Colored Popcorn




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Are you ready to join the popcorn Revolution?

Check out all the ways we can serve you.

Brick & Mortar

Based out of Taylor, MI.

Open to the public and curbside pickup available


Food Truck

Find us at Metro Detroit's biggest fairs.


Order online, anytime.

Local pickup/delivery + shipping to 50 states



Fun and easy way to raise funds for your school/organization

All virtual. Track sales in real time. 50% profit.


Any gifts, favors, flavors, and themes you need.

We'll work with you one-on-one through the process.


Join Our Mailing List

Get notified of exclusive deals and promos.

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We stand by our Guarantee

If you aren't completely satisfied with our products and services, your next order is FREE!

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We are currently Upgrading

While we work on enhancing your experience with us, our physical and online store is temporarily unavailable. We also cannot take phone/special orders at this time.

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